Garry McMichael Art
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Sticks and Stones by Garry McMichael
Still-lifes - Sticks & Stones

Relics of the industrial Age by Grry McMichael
Relics of the Industrial Age
Kitchen Art by Garry McMichael
Still-Lifes & Kitchen Art
In the Shadow of the Arch by Garry McMichael
In the Shadow of the Arch
The St Louis Scene by Garry McMichael
The St. Louis Scene
The American Landscape by Garry McMichael
The American Landscape

Some gallery sections are undergoing a major redesign, and you will find
some pages in a transition between old and new. Feel free to browse, but
come back soon as we make it easier to view the art and make purchases.
Thank you, Garry




gateway arch photographs for sale

st louis photographs for sale

forest park art for sale

cairns art for sale

arch art for sale 

All materials and artwork contained on this website are copyrighted by Garry McMichael
and can not be downloaded, copied or used without written permission.


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